Shop My Influence

For Influencer

The dashboard to keep an eye on your influencers performance

Shop My Influence

For Influencer Agents

The dashboard to keep an eye on your influencers performance.

The Influencer Campaign Measurement Tool you need

ShopMyInfluence facilitates influencer campaign measurement for influencer agents.

For instance, we help you sell influencers to brands. Also, we give you the data you need to measure its success. As a result, you will get maximum impact for your campaigns.

As a matter of fact, our tracking tool provides you with a dashboard including relevant statistics for each one of your influencers. In fact, it contains high value KPIs.

How does it work?

Influencer marketing statistics are the foundation for creating an effective marketing strategy for your brand.  ShopMyInfluence provides you with the data you need to achieve long-term profitability.

Influencer marketing statistics

Firstly, select an influencer

We give you access to a list of all your influencers. Therefore, you can sort them by turnover, sales, products or commissions in order to monitor your influencers.

Secondly and most importantly, track your influencer marketing sucess

Our influencer compaign measurement solution provides you with solid data to track influencers effectively. In fact, ShopMyInfluens allows you to explore each influencer’s sales, brands he is working with and products that he is promoting.

Reasons to count on our influencer campaign measurement solution

Making an overall performance analysis will make you see what is working for your influencers and what isn’t.

In short, ShopMyInfluence for influencer agents delivers vital metrics that you need to sharpen your influencer strategies.


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