How to measure the results of an influence campaign?

22 June 2021

How to measure the results of an influence campaign?

22 June 2021

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective and popular strategies. Nevertheless, measuring the effectiveness of an influence campaign is considered a challenge for marketers. How it is measured depends on your objective. For example, collaborations with influencers can be done to improve sales or enhance brand visibility.

Measuring visibility

Visibility tracking is the first step in measuring the effectiveness of an influence campaign. Actually, you cannot have an impact on your target audience without them seeing your content. These indicators are easy to collect. 

  • Followers: the number of subscribers of an influencer cannot be considered as a reliable indicator. However, it can give a rough idea of how many people are likely to see your brand’s related publications.
  • Impressions: This is the number of times the influencer’s publication has been seen. For example, if the publication has got 1000 impressions it means that it has been seen 1000 times.
  • Website traffic: This is the most reliable indicator. This indicator represents the number of people who have visited your website via the influencer’s publications. 

Measuring engagement:

Engagement gives a deeper insight into the reception of the influence campaign. It is a crucial indicator to see how your brand is perceived and the relevance of the influencer’s content.

  • Clicks: 

The number of clicks allows you to see how many people have expressed an interest in the publication.

  • Likes:

The number of likes gives you an idea of who has interacted with the influencer’s content. 

  • Sharing:

Sharing indicates that the publication of the influencer solicits the attention of the target audience, who in turn want to recommend the content to their circles. 

  • Comments and mentions:

If you see feedback in the comments, and participation in the conversation it means that followers are highly interested in the content and product.

Track your results:

  • Promo codes:

Discount codes are easy to add to Instagram stories. Specific promo codes associated with an influence campaign encourage your potential customers to buy the products since they will save money. You could immediately track how many people have entered the code when paying for the product. 

  • Tracked Links:

This metric is ideal for tracking sales made through the influencer’s social networks and blog posts. This is only possible when the influencer includes a tracked link in his publications. All you have to do is to insert UTM parameters in the URLs using a URL generator. The tracked links will then provide data on the number of clicks on the brand’s website and the number of sales. This will later allow you to track your influence campaign on Google Analytics.

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